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In over 15 years, we have seen a lot, learned a lot and mastered a lot. Nationally and internationally, from start-up to SAP, web sites as well as enterprise software.

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The starting point was difficult, but only days after Josef Dietl had become active, we saw first progress. Josef streamlined processes and helped us to establish trust. A few months later, we were back on track. Now, in my own company, Josef is supporting us on the way to brilliance.

Ramesh Bachiraju, 3Frames Software Labs

How we help

We renovate your project. To that end, we analyze the situation, determine what is still feasible and recommend, based on your priorities, next steps. If desired, we support you along the way, too.

BrillianTeams’ Project Rescue Service

Once your software development project is on fire, in other words, you are loosing control over cost, delivery date and scope, time is money. That’s what the BrillianTeams project rescue service is made for: we offer rapid and discreet deployment to bring your important project back on track, quickly.

We analyze the current status of the project, investigate which project goals are still meaningfully reachable, and what is necessary to do it. After a few days, we will discuss our findings and the next steps with you, so you can again focus on the opportunities of your undertaking and decide the next steps.

Then we provide you with a tailor-made recommendation, such as a revised project plan. If desired, we support you along the way back to success, too.

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For example…

Josef Dietl
I (Josef Dietl) joined the team for a complex software development project as a project manager. The situation wasn’t quite easy: several locations on three continents had to be coordinated, and two formerly competing teams should now work together. Discussions among the stakeholders had already led to significant delays. I should stay with the team for six months.

The analysis yielded three core points: First, the team members had lost trust among each other. Second, the desired scope of the project was not clear. And third, there was no integrated development infrastructure.

In order to clarify the scope while at the same time re-inforcing trust in the team, I used a combination of coaching with agile methods. Additionally, we removed the media breaks in the development infrastructure. Based on these corner stones, we agreed a revised project plan with the stakeholders. After the agreed six months, the team was back on track and fulfilled its regular deliveries.

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BrillianTeams: Experience and Competence

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This example demonstrates how Josef Dietl combines almost 20 years of project experience in software development with being an NLP trainer and coach (certified by the Society of NLP). His practical experience provides immediate credibility among the experts, and the work as a coach results in quick positive influence on the team’s performance. Combining the two yields your fast track back to success.

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