'Mit unserem Coaching wchst der Erfolg Ihres innovativen Unternehmens, deutlich.' Josef Dietl, BrillianTeams
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Many good friends, colleagues and partners contribute to the success of BrillianTeams, many contribute advice, many more contribute encouragement. Without you people, BrillianTeams would never have happened.

Findwerk – Christian Jarolim

Christian made the web site. His experience is an invaluable treasure he’s using to realize my expectations about the public face of BrillianTeams. To realize and to exceed. Thank you!

Ruth Gröne

I was looking for a lively interview partner for the podcast and found Ruth. Thanks to her experience in IT, in Coaching and so many other walks of life, every podcasting session turns into a party. Thank you!

Daniel Blunda

When I first met Daniel, I had never expected such a passionate musician inside of him, waiting for an opportunity to come out. Thank you!


And last but not least my wife, who’s support for my combining vocation with profession is invaluable.

Thank you all!

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Whitepaper “Erfolgreiche Meetings”

Die BrillianTeams-Bibliothek bietet einen Neuzugang: Das Whitepaper "Erfolgreiche Meetings beginnen in Ihrem Kopf" (PDF und ePub). Auf 16 Seiten erfahren Sie, wie Sie Meetings zum Erfolg führen können.

Unterhaltsam und frech kommt es so zum Punkt, daß Sie die Inhalte sofort kennen, können und einsetzen.

Viel Spaß und viel Erfolg mit "Erfolgreiche Meetings beginnen in Ihrem Kopf."

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