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Innovation is the key to success. Innovation emerges once you are fully immersed in what you are doing. Innovation emerges from the state of flow, so BrillianTeams focusses on the individual person: Every idea originates in a person, and every successful realization depends on a team whose members found a common flow. BrillianTeams asserts that the decisive characteristics are not only logical, but also psycho-logical. BrillianTeams’ seminars and coaching aim to enable you to experience more flow every day, which brings both more joy and more success to your life.

Let’s use the tower of Babel as an example for a moment. In a nutshell, the engineering was pretty good, but communications went out of control. That is why BrillianTeams focusses on you, on individuals and their cooperation: people pulling in the same direction, speaking naturally with one voice and who can always look into each other’s eyes. This is what makes a reliably winning team: People’s attitudes have more influence on ideas, cooperation and hence on success than many other topics. Passion and enthusiasm are becoming more and more prominent, and where there’s a will, there is – especially in software – a way.

That’s not just some idealistic thought to please employees, it’s an economic reality: productivity and effectivity in IT are hard to capture in numbers, anyways a “work-to-rule” team will be outperformed by a passionate team by factors.

Only what meets the zeitgeist is easy and hence cost-effective to sell. Especially now, in the age of viral distributions, is perceived quality a central factor in sales; especially now in the age of globalization will it be harder and harder for companies to differentiate based on price and cost cutting. Innovation and flexibility are the relevant differentiators, and both originate at the employee as an individual.

That’s why BrillianTeams is offering personal development in seminars and in coaching, to remind people of their potential for innovation and teamwork.

BrillianTeams Seminars

Participants in our seminars remember how much fun modern technologies can be, and how they can mutually support each other, in their challenges as well as in their personal development. As the seminars are open and offered in Germany’s metropolitan centers, the exchange with other participants regularly leads to new inspiration and insight.

BrillianTeams Coaching

Coaching is about the individual. Whether your topic is stress or ambitions (or both), as a client you can look forward to individual attention to your topic. We don’t split “work” from “life” just to re-assemble them into a “work-life-balance” afterwards, we work with you holistically throughout the engagement as is the spirit of our era.

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Whitepaper “Erfolgreiche Meetings”

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Viel Spa├č und viel Erfolg mit "Erfolgreiche Meetings beginnen in Ihrem Kopf."

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