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Something New, Anything

Starting new things is, in a way, the opposite of habits. That means, people who structure their everyday life strongly according to habits and regular processes have trained their brain away from news.

Fortunately, the mechanism also works the other way round: Everybody can decide at any time to tune their brain into news. It’s easy, and easiest to start with small things, such as brushing the teeth with the other hand.

Also, experiences “outside” help to discover news more and more. When I was in India, walking towards the car, the driver adressed me: “Oh, you want to drive?” – Certainly… in India, people drive on the left, so the steering wheel is on the right. When I was approaching the “passenger’s” side of the car, I was actually walking to the driver’s seat, because it’s the other way round. It was unusual for me to have a driver anyways – and it was great.

At least in Germany, this is a popular children’s game: I see something that you don’t. One of the children picks an item in everybody’s sight and says “I see something that you don’t”, and then it’s yes/no questions until one of the other players identifies the item. This game is a great way to soften and modify filters of perception. What are your main filters of perception? – Rather small things, or rather big things? Rather colorless things, or rather bright colors? Rather far away, or rather close by? This literally makes exploring our own filters of perception a child’s game.

So: When are you going to enter a car from the “wrong” side the next time?

Every little change is training or thinking muscle a bit more, and once we have the habit to do things in new ways, we’re done.

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